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If you would like a pillow or starter kit sent outside the UK please email what you would like to order. Give your name, your address as it should be written and  phone number. I will the get a price for sending to you. It won’t be cheap but you can decide. We have been sending to USA, AUSTRALIA and GREENLAND! 


TEL: 01634 221710  10am to 6pm. If I am here I will be happy to help you. If its an answering machine leave a message and I will get back to you ASP . 

We have a minimum  order of £7.00

Our site has SECURE payments

Have a little fun!

I thought through these gloomy times we should have some fun.

So I have put together some of the many butterfly patterns I have.

The pattern is 5 pages. The number of  the Butterflies is in double figures with some in various sizes. 

They all take very few bobbins, from 3 pairs. 

Have a look HERE for the details.

We are excited to share our first videos! 

You can find all our video tutorials


In our first video, Vivienne is showing how to add in a coloured thread as she uses in many of her patterns.

There is a new pattern for you to practice this technique!

Multi Bookmarks with Colour


Our second video shows how to work a spider.

Next up Vivienne uses another of her Bookmarks Patterns show how to make the flower petals. 

Another video showing Vivienne making more petals.

No more cutting a needle to fit your pricker!
New style lace pricker doesn’t need the needle cutting down to fit.

Vivienne shows how easy it is to replace the needle in our new pattern pricking tool.

New Mango Wood Bobbins

Mango Wood Bobbins

We are proud to bring you beautiful polished Mango Wood bobbins.

They are hand turned and feel like silk.

Mango is a sustainable wood which is what Biggins wants.

Click to see all the options.

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