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Sensimilla CBD Oil

Health and Wellness supplement
How Vivienne was able to start lace making again. Pain gone!
​​​​​​​It started because Iain and I can’t take anti-inflammatory drugs. Iain got a stomach bleed due to anti-inflammatory drugs. Vivienne got blood clots in her lungs so is on a blood thinner.We didn’t want to take the drugs like Tramadol which are addictive and mind changing. So we struggled with pain and not sleeping well because of it. I had heard of CDB oil but as a retired nurse I was sceptical and also could I trust what is on the internet ?

Then I met a customer who is on CDB oil. She had started it 2 years before while having treatment for breast cancer. She said it help with the nausea. She got the all clear after a mastectomy. She took it for a while longer then stopped. She then realised how it had stopped pain in her joints and helped her sleep.

She gave me the link to the site and I started it at the end of January. It has changed my life. I can make lace again, open jars (though some are too tight). I can hold Iain's hand which was too painful for both of us.

He didn’t start it at first. I think he wanted to use me as a test! So we use it 3 times a day. We sleep better than we’ve done for years.

You may find our original CBD oil is as strong as you need. Or you may decide to go stronger. I take the original in the morning and the Venom for the 3pm and at bedtime. Iain just takes the Venom at bedtime.
We recommend using the regular concentration first to see how you get on and to let your body get used to it.
​​​​​​​If you already use CBD supplement then of course you could go onto the venom.

 You’ve tried the rest now try the bes​​​​​​​t!
CBD Oil comes from Jamaica.
We believe it is the best CBD oil.
​​​​​​​As strong as it can legally be and we believe the cheapest.​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​  
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