Lace Making Starter Kit with 16" Pillow


Many people think this is the best Lace Making Starter Kit on the market. We have sold this kit for many years.


Everything in your kit is reusable, nothing to throw away.
16 inch pillow - cotton covered - with felt underneath.
28 Mango wood bobbins and 1 Mango pricker. You don't have to cut the needle. Just use a full length needle.
Glass beads and spangling wire
Box of lace pins. Pricking card and grey film.
1 reel of lace thread (colour may vary)
Pricking card and grey film.
Cover cloth.
A Teach Yourself workbook with everything you need to know to get started and 10 lessons for you to follow.
By kind permission of Jo Edkins we have a link to her fantastic bobbin stitch site. Not just pictures, animation!
Click HERE to go to her site.

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