Lace Making Starter Kit without Pillow . We can send abroad.

We are often asked to send our Starter kits abroad. But we cannot send pillows. So this kit , without a pillow , we have especially made up for this reason. You can usually get pillows in your own country. And you save on a huge postage. Also people in Britain. Christmas,  birthdays, would you like to get someone to start lace making? You have a spare pillow? So just buy the kit. Save postage too. 🤗

Many people think this is the best Lace Making Starter Kit on the market. We have sold this kit for many years.

BIGGINS NEW UPGRADED STARTER KIT. With Mango bobbins. Mango is a sustainable wood.    KIT WITHOUT PILLOW!!!!    

Christmas is coming. You would like to start someone doing lace and have a spare pillow. Or you are not in Britain and can buy a pillow locally. Here’s your kit!

 It comes with 24 Mango wood bobbins. Beautifully polished. A Mango wood pricker that you don’t need to shorten the needle! Glass beads & wire to spangle your bobbin. A sample spangle so you can see what you need to make.  You also have a pack of pins, cover cloth, prepared patterns, a reel of Egyptian cotton and a teach yourself manual with everything from spangling your bobbins though 10 step by step lessons to make.

Everything in this kit will be used through your lace making. Nothing is throw away.

We also give you a link which shows you can see the lace stitches being worked one stage at a time or actually moving.